Welcome to iatse!

Welcome, IATSE was founded in 1969. It originated on the Special Education Course of that year in response to a sense of isolation and lack of professional support for teachers of students with special needs. IATSE is a voluntary organisation and is run by its members through a Central Executive Committee, which meets once a month.

IATSE has grown with special education and now offers a forum to teachers who work in this area, in a wide variety of educational settings. The association organises an International Conference in June each year. This conference is recognised as in an invaluable source of in-career development, peer support and international collaboration for teachers.

IATSE publishes the REACH Journal and produces regular newsletters. The journal has attracted national and international acclaim as a provider of balanced commentary on current issues and trends in special education.

IATSE has links with the Dept. of Education and Science, NCCA, SESS, INTO, and other relevant educational bodies. Our members are drawn from all parts of the country and, through annual Conference, from many parts of the world.