coming home to my android tv box business

Returning home with an Android TV Box

Apologies for the delay in getting around to writing a post but I have had to cut my Australia trip short to come home to over see my business selling android tv boxes. I was back in Sydney for the last few weeks visiting my sister so I stayed with her in a nice suburb called Maroubra which has a large Irish presence there and it is right next to Coogee which is a fairly well known place among Irish people also. I am very disappointed that I had to cut my trip short but my business is very important to me and I put off coming home as much as I could. For those of you who do not know I sell android tv boxes on my website Android boxes are the android equivalent of an Apple TV device only of course of the android operating system.

My Australian visa does not expire until the end of 2017 so that is the good news and I do plan to return back for the remainder of the year once I sort out my android box business. Until then it is not the worst time to be home as it is the start of June as I write this post so it is the middle of summer here in Ireland…well we call it summer but it is still a mix of weather as always. I plan to work hard for the few months I am home and get everything setup so I can head off again on my travels. There is a lot going on here in summer so plenty to keep my occupied whilst I am home such as music festivals and also I have many friends turning 30 this summer so there will be plenty of parties and events to keep me busy. As you can tell I am trying to keep positive. Thanks and I will update my blog when I have some more to report.