iPhone 6 App for sports and fitness

A new iPhone app that you may find useful for your pupils.
iPhone 6 was sold in record numbers and most of the users are struck with the 18 month contract. You should understand the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 so that you will settle for the best phone as per your needs. if you are aware of the facts, you will be able to go for upgrade as per your needs. You can also tell your kids that  refurbished iPhone is a lot cheaper than buying new.
iPhone 6
The dimensions of iPhone 6 are 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in. It weighs 138 grams. iPhone 6 has a home button issue which was fixed in iPhone 7. There is no change in the screen size of iPhone 6 and 7.
iPhone 6 has Dual Core CPU, Quad core GPU and 1GB RAM. iPhone 6S performs better than iPhone 6 in terms of CPU and GPU performance. iPhone 6 is good enough to capture high quality snaps. Hence, there will not be any plus point in terms of camera feature. iPhone comes with 8MP sensor while iPhone 7 comes with 12 MP sensors.
iPhone 7
The dimensions of iPhone 6 are 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in. It weighs 129 grams. iPhone 7 uses Series 7000 aluminum. The phone can survive in water even though it is immersed in water for about 30 minutes. You can hear loud external speaker and can even get the speaker upgraded at apple refurbs.
iPhone 7 has Quad Core CPU, Six Core GPU, 2GB RAM. iPhone 7 is the fastest smartphone available in the world. it is far better than Pixel or Pixel 7 launched by Google. The CPU and GUP performance of iPhone 7 is better than iPhone 6 and 6S.
Even though there are some improvements from iPhone6, iPhone 7 has little progress in various aspects including design, screen, camera, battery life and charging. As there is significant price advantage with iPhone 6, there is no reason to upgrade for iPhone 7.