coming home to my android tv box business

Returning home with an Android TV Box

Apologies for the delay in getting around to writing a post but I have had to cut my Australia trip short to come home to over see my business selling android tv boxes. I was back in Sydney for the last few weeks visiting my sister so I stayed with her in a nice suburb called Maroubra which has a large Irish presence there and it is right next to Coogee which is a fairly well known place among Irish people also. I am very disappointed that I had to cut my trip short but my business is very important to me and I put off coming home as much as I could. For those of you who do not know I sell android tv boxes on my website Android boxes are the android equivalent of an Apple TV device only of course of the android operating system.

My Australian visa does not expire until the end of 2017 so that is the good news and I do plan to return back for the remainder of the year once I sort out my android box business. Until then it is not the worst time to be home as it is the start of June as I write this post so it is the middle of summer here in Ireland…well we call it summer but it is still a mix of weather as always. I plan to work hard for the few months I am home and get everything setup so I can head off again on my travels. There is a lot going on here in summer so plenty to keep my occupied whilst I am home such as music festivals and also I have many friends turning 30 this summer so there will be plenty of parties and events to keep me busy. As you can tell I am trying to keep positive. Thanks and I will update my blog when I have some more to report.

Bright White’s Release Their New Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips have become a popular product in recent years as they are an affordable way to whiten your teeth as opposed to professional teeth whitening services that can be quite expensive. are leading the way in this sector in Ireland and have brought in their own brand of teeth whitening strips that are very affordable. The strips are enamel safe and have several thousand reviews from around the world. They are an Irish company and keep all of their stock in Ireland so can provide the quickest shipping times possible and usually offer next day delivery here in Ireland.

teeth whitening strips bright whites

They very kindly sent me a packet of their strips and been well over due for some teeth whitening I was happy to give it a try. I applied the strips every night before bed for about 30 minutes as instructed on the packaging. After about 5 days I began to see results and noticed some staining that I have had for years beginning to disappear. After another 5 days (so 10 days in total) I could definitely see my teeth starting to whiten. The package I was sent was for 14 days so I was happy enough to see results in that time period and have even ordered a second package.

So for those of you looking for an affordable way to whiten your teeth then Bright Whites teeth whitening strips are worth a try and they are not expensive so if they don’t work for you then you haven’t broken the bank unlike professional teeth whitening services.

Dreamboxes are becoming very popular but are they legal?

Nowadays, the setup boxes are increasingly popular among people because of easily streaming via the internet. The dreamboxowners of these devices have an ability to watch the satellite TV by using streaming boxes. But the legal position over the satellite receiver sale is quite difficult. Basically, there are several concerns behind the popularity of setup boxes. Actually, it is an electronic appliance that consists of a television tuner input. It enables the user to connect to the external signal as well as television set and lets to turn the signal into content that could be displayed on a television screen or any other display device.

Nowadays, the satellite receiver setup boxes like the dreambox are legally as well as widely available. It allows the users to get a chance to stream the content from the internet. Many of the reputed brand companies can sell these products that allow the consumers to watch out the content from their television set or via the internet. When you decide to buy these devices, make sure whether it is legal or illegal to use the setup boxes in your area. If it is legal, you can buy these devices and get access to watch the TV programs such as sports and movies and so on.

Everything you need to know about satellite receivers

The purchase of setup boxes is always legal in most of the countries. It gives an opportunity for people to watch the television from the internet, which is perfectly legal. If it is illegal, it should be against the law to use these boxes for watching anything for free. So, it is very much important to check what is legal and illegal in using the setup boxes. However, the legal setup boxes are completely legal to watch that has a specific copyrighted material for free. This satellite TV is legal, when it is being streamed from one place and offer paid service. If you watch the free satellite television without paid, then it is called as illegal.

If your house is well equipped with a satellite television, you should definitely know how enjoyable it can be. Before you begin to watch, it is essential to know whether it is legal or illegal. There are numerous satellite radio stations available that offer you some charges for getting connection and watch out TV. At present, there are a few online companies providing this kind of service. All you have to do is to do a little research and choose the one that is perfectly suitable for your needs in terms of provisions and price. Once you do, you will get instant viewing access to the satellite television and able to watch immediately on your computer screen.

How to watch satellite TV from your PC?

Watching satellite TV can be very easy through the satellite signals. In order to watch out the satellite TV from your PC, you need to have important requirements such as a satellite receiver or a PC card, a satellite dish either ku band or a C band and an antenna or rotor to receive more than one satellite channel.

The Main Advantages of Utilizing an Android TV Box

android tv boxAndroid TV Box is frequently a gadget that allows you to view a movie show, access Android applications, search the Web, enjoy live videos, and performs all the functions that you’d with a mobile phone and TV. This while, people found smart devices to be the supreme development where they can carry out several activities utilizing their fingertips, however it is considered a development that is an action ahead. It is simply a multipurpose gadget that might turn any TV into a wise TV. Including its several functions, noted here are reasons it is the next generation of TV:

Choice of Smart TV Solutions

A Web TV Box has presented a broad series of wise TV services. Utilizing these gadgets, you might can seeing online TV programs, play android games, view videos, play video, pictures, music, browse the web, limitless ease of access social media marketing platforms in addition to access to your e-mails. An Android TV Box reveals you to more educational and amusing elements. All that you require is operating web connection in addition to an HDMI suitable TV. With among these aspects, a Smart TV box will permit you ease of access whole network right from the convenience of a sofa at your home.

Brings New Experience

These clever TV Boxes will assist you experience different things– In addition to viewing the typical TV programs with a set-top box, you ‘d use a different experience where you would get to examine the Web, play games as well as see TV shows by utilizing the web. Because it is an exceptional development assisting people get the most from their TV.

It is simply a Total Package

Its numerous functions transform it into a total package providing a sense of by utilizing a mobile phone on a big screen. The Android TV Box can be a total enjoyment set for your near and dear ones. You should buy an Android TV box, so that the close relatives, and friends too would make the most of it. Your family can spend quality time together and spend their downtime carrying out a number of activities such as enjoying movies, playing games, talking with the whole world and searching the net to name a few.

Alternative to producing leading Box

It functions as an option to the basic set-top box– A common set-top box can be amusing with a number of channels transmitting different programs however utilizing a multipurpose gadget that might serve many functions can produce an individual eliminate their set-top box permanently. This innovative item is multi-functional and hence will bring the world more detailed to their fingertips this too on a big TV screen.


Thinking about that an Android TV Box makes use of an Os, this area does not have any constraint in providing educational and entertainment services. This makes the Smart TV box an economical strategy to attempt a wide range of endless info and entertainment as developers barely need to pay to allow them to use the Android os.

iPhone 6 App for sports and fitness

A new iPhone app that you may find useful for your pupils.
iPhone 6 was sold in record numbers and most of the users are struck with the 18 month contract. You should understand the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 so that you will settle for the best phone as per your needs. if you are aware of the facts, you will be able to go for upgrade as per your needs. You can also tell your kids that  refurbished iPhone is a lot cheaper than buying new.
iPhone 6
The dimensions of iPhone 6 are 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in. It weighs 138 grams. iPhone 6 has a home button issue which was fixed in iPhone 7. There is no change in the screen size of iPhone 6 and 7.
iPhone 6 has Dual Core CPU, Quad core GPU and 1GB RAM. iPhone 6S performs better than iPhone 6 in terms of CPU and GPU performance. iPhone 6 is good enough to capture high quality snaps. Hence, there will not be any plus point in terms of camera feature. iPhone comes with 8MP sensor while iPhone 7 comes with 12 MP sensors.
iPhone 7
The dimensions of iPhone 6 are 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in. It weighs 129 grams. iPhone 7 uses Series 7000 aluminum. The phone can survive in water even though it is immersed in water for about 30 minutes. You can hear loud external speaker and can even get the speaker upgraded at apple refurbs.
iPhone 7 has Quad Core CPU, Six Core GPU, 2GB RAM. iPhone 7 is the fastest smartphone available in the world. it is far better than Pixel or Pixel 7 launched by Google. The CPU and GUP performance of iPhone 7 is better than iPhone 6 and 6S.
Even though there are some improvements from iPhone6, iPhone 7 has little progress in various aspects including design, screen, camera, battery life and charging. As there is significant price advantage with iPhone 6, there is no reason to upgrade for iPhone 7.

Welcome to iatse!

Welcome, IATSE was founded in 1969. It originated on the Special Education Course of that year in response to a sense of isolation and lack of professional support for teachers of students with special needs. IATSE is a voluntary organisation and is run by its members through a Central Executive Committee, which meets once a month.

IATSE has grown with special education and now offers a forum to teachers who work in this area, in a wide variety of educational settings. The association organises an International Conference in June each year. This conference is recognised as in an invaluable source of in-career development, peer support and international collaboration for teachers.

IATSE publishes the REACH Journal and produces regular newsletters. The journal has attracted national and international acclaim as a provider of balanced commentary on current issues and trends in special education.

IATSE has links with the Dept. of Education and Science, NCCA, SESS, INTO, and other relevant educational bodies. Our members are drawn from all parts of the country and, through annual Conference, from many parts of the world.